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Welcome to Dark Breed, a World of Warcraft Guild on Burning Legion

Dark Breed is a guild of players who, at its core, are friends. While we do raid from time to time.. we would like to stress that "phat lewtz" aren't the end all, be all of this or any game. If that is what you seek.. please look elsewhere. We have been in existence for almost 10 years. Our roots start in Everquest 1, and traverse thru many an online game. Dark Breed means a lot of things to a lot of people.. to me it's a home, an online family, and a place where friends are found. It's not just 'bout the next raid.. but about the person behind the toon. We encourage our members to "get to know each other" and "form bonds that will hopefully last a lifetime" -Velassi

If you are interested in joining Dark Breed CLICK HERE to read our recruiting information and fill out an application.

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